MPlayer usage questions

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On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 11:04:07PM -0800, Ben Eichinger wrote:
> - To show the video content file we use "dll-injection".

Even with the LGPL the user must be able to replace the binary with their
own version, which in particular means they can just use a version that
stores the data you pass it instead of displaying it.
GPL requirements are beyond that.
So if this is intended as DRM of the kind where you obfuscate stuff to annoy
your users without actually protecting anything you won't be able to use
If your intention is some more sensible use case, you should consider using
MPlayer's -cryptokey support which can be used for ASF and MXF files currently,
but adding your own should not be that hard (of course your additions must be
released under the GPL then).

> If the gpl is the problem: Is it possible for You to offer another license type?

Nobody can offer you a license for more than what they have copyright for.
I don't think you're interesting in negotiation with possibly 100s of people for
a license to their part of MPlayer (and I suspect some of those people might
refuse to even discuss it).
So I guess that makes a "no".

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