Re: [PATCH] mips: set ST0_MX flag for MDMX

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On 04-05-2012 2:40, Matt Turner wrote:

As the comment in commit 3301edcb

   Please also specify that commit's summary in parens.

says, DSP and MDMX share the same
config flag bit.

Without this set, MDMX instructions cause Illegal instruction errors.

Signed-off-by: Matt Turner<mattst88@xxxxxxxxx>
Is MDMX implemented by anything other than some Broadcom CPUs? Is it
totally replaced by DSP?

I had a terrible time finding any documentation on it (which is annoying
because Volume IV-b covering MDMX is referenced by all the MIPS64 documents.)
but finally found a copy here:

If it's dead, it's too bad because it's a pretty cool ISA.

WBR, Sergei

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