Re: [PATCH] Revert "MIPS: cache: Provide cache flush operations for XFS"

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On 04/09/2012 07:44 PM, Kevin Cernekee wrote:
On Mon,Is there a reason why Ralf's original approach was not workable?

It doesn't work with HIGHMEM + cache aliasing. It also uses cache flush (blast_dcache) to buffer instead of cache invalidate after read I/O is completed.

I suspect that reimplementing the *_kernel_vmap_range functions using
_dma_cache_* would result in a double L2 flush on the same memory
regions on systems with cache aliases, and an unnecessary L1+L2 flush
on systems without aliases.

Good point. I put that to set it working. Now, after your comment, I think it has sense to try with L1 only.

- Leonid.

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