Re: Using NFS with HIGHMEM support

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 I'm encountered pretty much the same problem here
 I'm tracing with current 3.3-rc4 branch(from ralf's tree)
 If I put rootfs at nand flash + highmem enabled, then execute problem may give
illegal instruction error, bus error, try it again may run success.
 but if I don't enable highmem, then problem is gone.
 any hints? thanks


On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 4:37 PM, Jacky Lam <lamshuyin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

   I am using mips-linux-3.0.4 with HIGHMEM enabled. Everything is working fine, but I find something strange that when I execute a statically-linked binary through NFS mounted directory. It will gives me an illegal instruction error or  SIGSEGV. If I run it again, the binary can run without problem. I have to reboot or drop all the vm cache in order to reproduce the error again.

  Also, if I run the binary in harddisk or dynamically link the binary, no problem will be found.

   Any suggestion to debug this problem? Thanks.


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