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On Tuesday 31 January 2012, Michael S. Tsirkin wrote:
> I have an idea: we can make the generic one inline
> if we keep it in the .c file. So something like
> the below on top of my patch will probably work.
> Ack?

IMHO this is still worse than the macro, because it breaks common practice.
The common way to do this is #ifdef/#else/#endif in the header file to
provide either an extern or a macro/inline definition, while having the
inline definition in a separate place makes it harder to understand
what's going on. E.g. a frequent review comment is to not put extern
declarations inside of #ifdef, but if someone tries that here, it would

You also still need the #ifdef in the implementation file, which we
try to avoid normally just like we try to avoid macros where possible.


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