Re: [PATCH 00/12] MIPS: ath79: AR724X PCI fixes and AR71XX PCI support

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2011.11.24. 16:54 keltezéssel, René Bolldorf írta:
> 2011/11/24 Gabor Juhos <juhosg@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Hi René,
>>> Sorry Gabor for the following patch, but it seems your patchset was
>>> against a other tree?
>> Both of my patch sets was based on the 'mips-for-linux-next' branch of Ralf's
>> 'upstream-sfr' tree:
>> git://
>>> Because of the many failures I rebase'ed against 09521577ca7718b6c of the
>>> linus tree and written anything from scratch.
>> That was waste of time. The ath79 platform got a pile of changes recently, and
>> those changes are not yet available in Linus' tree. If you were unsure about the
>> tree, you should have asked earlier.
> Alright. I don't play with all trees now.

Why if not indiscreet?

> I wait for the next merge.

If you mean Linus' tree, the new codes will not be merged into that before the
release of 3.2. You would have to wait for a few weeks probably.


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