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create.Textfield ; textarea not

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Hi Mingusers,
I've got a problem with some code. I want to load a variable from a text file and all goes well. But the weird thing is that the style settings in 'new Textformat' is notting formatting at all, exept in 'text = 'backup gedaan ...' So the text from the variable is not set by Textformat, but instead just an ordinary font type and size. Probably a sort of default setting in flash.
Do you know how i can solve this?

Here is my code:

$film = new SWFMovie();
$film -> setDimension (300,300);
$film -> setBackground (100,100,100);
$film -> setRate (15);


// maak tekstveld
createTextField ('mijntekst',2,20,20,200,100);
with (mijntekst) {
multiline = true;
wordwrap = true;
border = true;
text = 'Backup gedaan...';
type = 'dynamic';

// opmaak tekstveld
tekstformaat = new Textformat();
tekstformaat.color = 0x006600 ;
tekstformaat.size = 12;
tekstformaat.font = 'babelsansb.fdb';
tekstformaat.bold = true;

myData = new LoadVars();
myData.Load ('mijnvaria.txt');
myData. {
mijntekst.text = this.mijnVariabele;


$film->add(new SWFAction($strAction));
$film -> save ("kalenderbewaard.swf",9);

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