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BRAVO, BRAVO, I could have not said it better Thomas!!!
All need to open their eyes as this is the way that
this country is moving as a whole and primarily 
being driven by the leaders in the federal government by
giving Big Business total control over our citizens and government!!!

All need to unite and stop Big Business from trashing this country and its
citizens.  Stop the moving of jobs out of this counter under the name of
"FREE TRADE" Free trade, NAFTA and other Free Trade Treaties only makes 
the rich richer and the poor poorer!!! This is the only country in the
world that goes out of their way to trash the jobs for US Citizens.
Most countries have laws preventing the importation of workers when
there are us citizens that can do the work and deserve to be hired
before a person from another country. Again, Time To Protect
the US family and the workers in these families instead of the
bottom line of Big Business.

I apologize for venting this but I believe I am not the only
one that believes this.  I also added the "OT" to the subject line
as a flag as is common on the net.

Renee Lee

PS: I called it the Bill Gates Syndrome

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> We've never posted ISOs for the enterprise line. RHEL ISO's are a 
> service delivered by RHN not being paid for by ftp users. The source 
> rpms are freely available, however.

I don't know about the "Enterprise" lines history specifically, but 
since RH is moving only to that, these are word games.  Sure the 
source in available in RPM format -- but that 's the whole point 
isn't it?  The source is available in the RED HAT Package Format 
which requires one to purchase RH or go through a great deal of 
difficulty to extract them.  Then the person has to be technically 
competent enough, and diligent enough to properly make use of the 
source.  Then we can all merrily laugh at him for suffering with 
the "broken pieces" since he didn't pay for his free software.  The 
hurdles keep getting higher.  Yes... *technically* you folks are 
following the rules of the GPL, but you clearly do not intend to 
abide by the spirit of the GPL or the GNU Project anymore.  We all 
see the early symptoms of the disease proprietary, and its 
secondary disorder of lock-in.  You're not fooling anyone.

Look, I honestly like you Jeremy, but I have to call crap for what 
it is: crap.  It's getting deeper too.  RH isn't the first company 
to behave this way, but some of us felt RH would always be the last 
company to act this way.  I'm very disappointed that we were wrong. 
 I hope RH changes before it is too late, but I fear it has already 
progressed too much on this course.  You guys were the best and the 
brightest -- the flagship.  Now you folks are spitting on the very 
folks who promoted you to being the de-facto standard.  It is a 
pity.  There are obviously fools at the helm.  You will be mourned.

 Thomas Corriher

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