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RE: Running RedHat [7-9]: don't mind paying, but don't want to reinstall OS

On Fri, 21 Nov 2003, Renee Lee wrote:

> Donna, Right now I am also not happy with Redhat and their
> arbitrary move to another way of releasing their product.
> For a good number of years, they have been releasing
> their product and naming it I.e. V.5.1,6.1, 8.1, 9.0, Etc.
> Now all of a sudden they want to have "Enterprise" Etc.
> I strongly believe this is a ploy to justify raising prices
> and the price for support.  For many years, Redhat maid their
> profits on their support services as Redhat was an open
> Source O/S and such was free.  Now they want to pull a
> Bill Gates and move to making Red Hat a non-Open Source
> O/S for the reason of GREED!!!  

Before you rant you should get your facts straight. Where has Red Hat
done anything to move to a non-Open Source OS?? They could not do
that if they wanted to. RHEL is 99% Open source. Their support 
services and RHN are not free. If you want RHEL and do not want
to pay for it go download it from their ftp site or one of the 
mirrors, build it and install away. It is your choice. Their are
several projects doing this.

Of course if it breaks you get to keep the pieces. :-)

> Redhat, I think you need to rethink your motives and
> release that you still are not the only Linux game in town
> and until others such as Debuine pull this crap Linux users
> will continue to find FREE Linux.  Just changing the name to
> Enterprise Linux does not justify raising the price to
> a outrageous amount just for profits.  I do not see
> and can not justify the price for your product under the
> new pricing policy you have posted.  I see a lot of talk
> about the product but as for improvement, It is not there
> from my point of view!

Have you ever heard of the free market?? They are a publicly traded
US corporation. As a result they have 1 purpose and 1 purpose only
It does not matter if you or I like it or not that is the hard cold fact.

> Yes I did purchase your commercial package when the price
> was reasonable. Matter of fact, I also purchased it for a major
> university for use on DEC Alpha boxes but now, the price is not
> justified in my opinion.

Red Hat just announced University pricing. If you have not seen it
maybe you should look into it.



Note: I do not work for nor am I affiliated with Red Hat in any way.

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