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RE: Linksys WPC11 Binaries?

Sure thing...

>From the menu:

System settings > Packages

If you're not already running as root, you'll be prompted for the

After it read rpm headers you'll see the package manager.

Scroll down to development, and check it. Click "update".

It will prompt you for the CD(s) it needs. 


On Fri, 2002-10-11 at 10:17, Ewan Grantham wrote:
> Everything worked fine until this step:
> "If it errors with a statement that /usr/src/linux is incomplete or
> missing, it will need the kernel source installed, kernel-headers and
> kernel-source packages from your install CD, or from rhn or ftp if
> you've upgraded your kernel."
> In RH 8 it is not obvious how I get the source from RPM or otherwise. In
> fact, as near as I can tell the gnorpm package isn't even installed. If you
> can guide me this little bit further, I have hope for success. Would the
> source be on one of the first three ISOs, or do I need to DL one of the
> other ISOs, or get it from...
> Thanks,
> Ewan

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