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Re: Geforce 3


As far as I know, that card works fine in 7.3, we have a ton of GeForce
cards here, that all seem to work. Some of the later/bleeding edge stuff
may not, but yours should be fine.


On Mon, 2002-08-26 at 11:22, john f. floren wrote:
> I've recently (yesterday) acquired a new computer. Everything is fine, except
> that my Geforce 3 video card will not work for X except with the VGA16 driver,
> which only allows it to go at a really  low res. I'm running RH6.2 on it until
> I can get 7.3, but I need to know: Is there a driver for the Geforce in RH7.3,
> or do I need to get a different card? (I don't want to run it at lowest res.)
> Also, is there another driver in 6.2 that would work for my card till I get
> 7.3? Other than VGA16?
> 			Thanks
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