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I need a solution

Thank you for the answer, I will try to be more precisely.

So, I have 10.000 files on a machine and every minute (that's what I fogot to say) I need to add some information to those files (about 50 Bytes). But the updating time doesn't have to be more than a second. All the files have a certain structure and have a limitted dimension (I will be interesting only for the dates of the last week and every week I will "reset" everything) so that I can consider all the files opened (try to use some file descriptors and to write directly to an offset after alocating from the beging enough space for all those files).

The problem is that if somebody ask me some information when the update is happening, I must be able to give him this information without making him waiting too long. Let's say I can permit a delay of one second, but not more. So I need a short updating time. The shorter, the better, considering the fact that the update is made every minute, so the potential to have users requesting information in that time is bigger.

On the other side I don't want (for certains reasons) to use a database system (so I can not make use of his transaction management system).

The question is the same. Can I do all these things with Linux, in a save manner and a short time?

Thank you again.

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