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RE: linux migration

On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 10:19, Ewan R. Grantham wrote:
> Personally, I have two things that are currently preventing me from
> recommending a movement to Linux:
> 1) Project Management Software -
> Preferably a product that also has a windows version (because I'm not going
> to be able to move everyone at once), or at least has the ability to read MS
> Project files

Mr. Project 'may' handle that. I don't use it, or the windows version,
so I can't comment. Just giving you an option to try in your lab.
> 2) PocketPC compatibility -
> Specifically that can handle the sync of the device with some application
> similar to Outlook, and ideally could also handle installs of software to
> the device

Evolution is the way to go. I have my Visor Handspring syncing like
this. It's VERY similar to Outlook and Hotsync.

> Would appreciate it if anyone could give me pointers on these two items to
> help me "make the case".

Also, Abiword and Gnumeric are like word and excel. If you need a couple
more to convince you.

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