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I need a solution



I need to update 10.000 files with an information of 50 Bytes (not KBytes). To be more precisely, I need to put 50 Bytes in each of these files. The problem is that I want these files updated in only one second. Sure, the system must be reliable and I don't have to lose any data. The things that I can consider are: creating some threads to work in the same time and a good hardware (I mean a machine with 4 processors, 4 GB of memory). Also, I want a backup system using RAID for duplicating the data.

I also want to consider Red Hat Linux so I want to know if Linux can complete this job without loosing data, and of course, in only one second.

I was thinking about using Reiser FS like file system but I donít know if it will resist 24/24 7/7.

This is the critical part of the entire project. The other parts of the project are using J2EE for messaging and computing. Should I still consider java for writing to disk or I have to use C/C++ ?

Finally, if a Linux machine cannot do this job for me, what other solution should I consider in order to complete this job?

Thank you,


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