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Trouble Installing on an Emachines PC

I ran into a roadblock installing the downloaded Red Hat OS onto an Emachines PC Etower 500ix. The entire installation bombs at the last moment just after completing both disk 1 and disk 2, citing a System Error 16. I selected the defaults on everything. It is a fatal bomb, and leaves the machine dead in the water but we created the floppy boot disk and tried several times. Same results each time--tantalizingly close, but no cigar.
We are installing as our first test machine, which I assume is a common strategy prior to migration. We have a solid general familiarity with Unix, but not Linux specifically.
Thanks in advance for any help,
Eric Canuteson
Pacific Microinstruments, Inc.
626.357.7290 phone
626.357.7291 fax
"Software Solutions for Distributed Systems"

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