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RE: Use of Free Software within the State

Felicidades! Mucha suerte.

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Asunto: RE: Use of Free Software within the State

Well I just will like to thanks for the e-mails related to my query, It
help me to focus and to get an ordered TO-DO list.

For all of you who were interested I'm pleased to tell that my
institution approved the initial steps (research, investigation,
preliminary presentation) of the Free Software within the State bill, I
have established initial contact with Mr Villanueva's team and they are
willing to help, and two local congressmen (Panamá Legisladores) are
interested, well it is starting!.


Juan Carlo Mejía
Administrador de Sistemas UNIX
Coordinador de Servicios de Internet
Tel: 	(507) 317.00.14
Email:	jmejia@senacyt.gob.pa

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