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Re: How to do these ??

Dear bindal,

Once you wrote about "How to do these ??":
b> We are in process of porting the exchange server 5.5 to RH Linux 7.2 
b> sendmail. Could the list guide me on how to proceed on followings ?

We are in the process of doing the same thing, although our decision was
to first migrate to Exchange 2000 due to better support for standards.

b> 1) Porting of Global Address List from Exchange server to Linux and then 
b> also making available through LDAP. How to configure the LDAP ?

There is an excellent open implementation of LDAP at
http://www.openldap.org (OpenLDAP).
I think you will also find these HOWTOs helpful:

b> 2) Porting of Public Folders from Exchange Server to Linux ? is there a 
b> way ?

I believe you can use IMAP folders sharing to implement it.

b> 3) Scheduling/ Calendering on Linux Sendmail

This is a problem these days, if you ask me.  There are several
alternatives, which are still in development.  KDE project (
http://www.kde.org ) has korganizer ( http://korganizer.kde.org ), which is, 
IMHO, the most developed and feature-full one.  It does not have any server 
back-end though.  
Ximian Evolution ( http://www.ximian.org/products/ximian_evolution/ )
also has some calendaring and task management facilities.  Server
back-end is missing again.  Evolution, though might be useful for you
migration period, since it provides MS Outlook interface, and commercial
Exchange Connector.  Check it out.
One of the latest alternatives I was focusing on is Calendar plug-in for
Mozilla browser ( http://www.mozilla.org ).  You can find more
information about it at http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar .
There is also work in progress for development of back-end calendar
server.  This project is very promising, although now it is not stable
enough for production use.  I hope though that with Mozilla 1.0 release
it will get more attention. :)
There are few others, including web calendaring tools, which you can
find at http://www.freshmeat.net , but none of them attracted me much.

b> 4) Porting of mail boxes fom Exchange server to Linux sendmail server.

There are several ways to go about it.  One, from the top of my head is
to use fethcmail :)

b> 5) Porting of Front Page Intranet to Linux ? which web server ? how to 
b> configure ?

While Front Page extensions proved to be very limited in flexibility and
extremely insecure, you have the choice of configuring FP extensions
for Apache web server ( http://www.apache.org ).  I don't recommend it
though.  If you use any ASP pages, there is also a good tool for
migrating those to PHP - asp2php - http://asp2php.naken.cc

b> version of sendmail on my Linux server is 8.11.6-3

While I appreciate the wide use of sendmail, my choice of MTA would be
exim - http://www.exim.org .  I find it more powerful (message
filtering, integration with 3rd party scripts and databases), easier to
configure and better documented.  We are using it for many different
setups including a mail server with more then 50K mailboxes.

b> any help is highly appreciated

I have to add also that RedHat website ( http://www.redhat.com ) and
Google search engine ( http://www.google.com ) will help you to locate
lots of useful information on the subject.

Best regards,
  Leonid Mamtchenkov, RHCE
  System Administrator
  Francoudi & Stephanou Ltd.

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