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Gateway with two interfaces

   I have the following problem: in my office, the box which acts as a
   network gateway (striped down Red Hat release 9, using iptables) used
   to have only one ASDL line, but, because of performance and downtime
   issues with our ISP, we decided to install a second ASDL from a
   different ISP to act as a backup/load balance link.
   We are aware we can divide the traffic based on the destination IP,
   but what we really would like is to divide by port (for instance port
   22 on one connection and 80 on the other). We tried configuring
   iptables for that, but the gateway would only use the second link when
   manually inserting routes to specific IPs in the routing table. Is
   there any other way to do this?
   I'm available for clarifications where needed.
   I will summarize.
Flavio C. Prado

Av. Luis Carlos Berrini, 1140, 9 andar
Sco Paulo - SP
+55 (11) 5506-4540 R. 133
+55 (11) 9123-2788
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