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SUMMARY: SATA serial number

(see below for original mail)
I already got 4 answers, but only one of them worked fine (thanks to Mike Kercher):

smartctl -a /dev/sd(x)

Robert L. Harris suggested to use lshw, but it didn't include the serial number in it's output (but it did shouw me I have a SATA
raid controller that seems to be on an IDE interface, maybe that's the reason it didn't show the serial)
Michael Stone suggested to use "hwinfo --disk", but this seems to be only available as a package for suse, so I
couldn't test this (running fedora).
The last suggestion came from Kiryl Hakhovich, he suggested to try "hdparm -i <device>", but hdparm works only
for IDE devices, not scsi (SATA disks are emulated as being scsi)

many thanks to all!

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