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Webmin Action Log error

Hello all,
I am trying to allow one of my users, who has been set up as a Webmin user,
to output a log of their actions on the server. This works on another host
that I have tested but I get the following error on this host:
webminlog::acl_security_form failed : Undefined subroutine
&webminlog::ui_checkbox called at
/usr/libexec/webmin/webminlog/acl_security.pl line 43.
This error appears when I log into Webmin and go into the particular users
Webmin Actions Log setup. I am unable to set filters, I assume because of
this error, that only allows this user to see their own actions and no other
The system is a RedHat 9 Linux box and it is Webmin VER: 1.200 I would
appreciate any input as to what might be causing this error and how I might
fix it. I have the same setup on another box (RedHat ES 3.0) but do not
receive this error. (this particular user does not have an account on this
box though). It could be a difference in OS but I don't think so.

David Filchak
President - Zuka Inc.
Toronto, On Canada M5V2J1
www.zuka.net | www.screamingmedia.ca 

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