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SUMMARY: merging 2 pdf

My question was not as clear as it should be:
I wanted to 'superimpose' one page on top of the other to get one new page. To explain it I wanted to 'write' on a form which had no fields.

Some of you suggested ghostscript, others perl, but Kiryl Hackhovich pointed me to pdftk.
After talking to Sid Steward from pdftk he suggested using the 'background' option:

pdftk first.pdf background second.pdf output final.pdf

The final.pdf has the first on top of the second. This only works with the first page, as the background gets repeated on all pages (the same background).

Thank you all

Original question:
I would like to merge 2 pdf's from the command line:

I have two pdf that I want to transparently put one on top of the other.
I have been looking at imagemagick (convert) to do that, but I have not been able to do it.
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