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LAuS error

During an rpm update session a few days ago, I was updating some
applications on a Red Hat ES3 box. One of the dependencies was LAuS, which I
had never heard of. At any rate, it got installed to solve the deps and now
I have a ton of error messages in my cron log like the following:
Sep  9 00:00:00 ebony CROND[8779]: LAuS error - do_command.c:226 -
laus_attach: (19) laus_attach: No such device 
I cannot find an entry for this using crontab and I am not really sure who
owns this cron entry. My questions are, can someone tell me a bit about what
LAuS is, why I need it (if I do) and will it hurt anything to kill the cron
job for it, assuming I can find it?
A search of the archives produced a search error and a Google search did not
Cheers and TIA

David Filchak
President - Zuka Inc.
Toronto, On Canada M5V2J1
www.zuka.net | www.screamingmedia.ca 

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