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Dialup net access in the USA

This is only vaguely on topic, but hopefully close enough no-one will
mind too much, and I'm hoping there'll be several people on this list
who have relevant experience, so here goes...

I have a colleague who is going to the US next month, travelling to
meetings in several difference regions of the US, basically covering
coast to coast. A Linux laptop will be going with her, and I'm looking
for recommendations on what ISP type service to use so she can get
online easily from anywhere. Access will mostly be from hotels, so
something that provides local rate numbers is important....

Previously, I've had users set up with AT&T business, but they have a
windows dialer/phone directory program, which is obviously a no go on a
Linux laptop, and making the thing dual boot is something I'd rather
avoid if at all possible. Any advice much appreciated.


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