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A question please:


I have just install RedHat ES 3.0 and I am configuring Bind to start up at
the appropriate run levels using chkconfig. When I run chkconfig -list named
it shows the following:


            named           0:off   1:off   2:off   3:off   4:off   5:off


So, I want named to run at levels 345 so I run:


            /usr/sbin/chkconfig -level 345 named on


And nothing happens. So I decide to try to make it run at levels 2345 and I


            /usr/sbin/chkconfig named on


Still nothing happens. Now, when I installed ES it was with the graphical
interface (not sure why I did that). Could this be stopping me from being
able to adjust this thru the command line? Any ideas??


Thanks in advance





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