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Sendmail -> Procmail -> SpamAssassin -> IMAP

Me again...

I have a stock brand new Fedora Core 1 install, running the supplied
sendmail, procmail and spamassassin. I have built cyrus-imap from
src.rpms and it essentially works fine except when it comes to procmail
piping the mail into Cyrus-IMAP

sendmail.cf/sendmail.mc are the standard ones supplied with Fedora Core
1 using procmail

Because sendmail is adding a bad "From " header with no colon, the
cyrus-deliver program is correctly rejecting it. Currently my kludge is
to remove it via procmail filter but I know that will be dropping lines
that are good. 

Here's my /etc/procmailrc:


# Send all mail through spam assassin
:0 fw
* < 1048576
| /usr/bin/spamc -f

# Drop evil From line. Evil kludge here
:0 fw
| grep -v "^From " 

# Pass to cyrus-imap
:0 fw
| /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/deliver -m "user.$USER"

What is the correct/preferred way to prevent sendmail from adding this
>From line

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