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Samba / cifs - permissions

I am trying to use a windows 2k share on an RH9 installation, and the shared
files on the linux system all appear to be owned by root.  chmod operations
fail on the directory mounted to the windows share and the permissions shown
don't appear to be correct (e.g. root can write even though r-x is shown).

Only the linux root user can write or create files/directories on the share.
Other users can see the files/directories, but cannot write.

On other implementations of CIFS an arbitrary non root user would have to
"login" to CIFS before the mounted windows directory would be useable.  I
couldn't find an equivalent linux command.

I'm a bit confused regarding the various Samba/Unix access/permissions
password/account relationships.  Is there a document/cookbook that ties it
all together?  i.e. How does one mount a windows share and have it appear to
be owned by the unix user equivalent to the windows user as indicated in the
smbusers file?

I don't even want to think about the firewall at this point, but that's
still yet another item that needs to be addressed later.

Here is the environment:

on windows 2k:  netbios name xxx, share name yyy, user=user1,
on RH9 Linux: linux user is user1
in smbusers: user1=user1, user1 has an entry in smbpasswd with same password
as on w2k system viz. "usr1pw"

#mkdir /zzz
#chown user1 /zzz
#smbmount //xxx/yyy /zzz -o username=user1,password=usr1pw

all files/dirs under /zzz appear to be owned by root and the permissions are
however root on the linux box can write, mkdir, etc., into anything under
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