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SUMMARY: Anyone run LInux with 16GB RAM?

Hi all,

The fix that worked was adding an append="mem=16GB" line to lilo.conf.
My friend theorizes that the kernel wasn't auto-sizing the memory
correctly and that forcing it fixed the problem.  Regardless of why,
this did solve the problem.  The system has been stable since.

Thanks to all those who chimed in.


On Mon, 2003-08-04 at 14:32, Kourosh wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone been able to get a Linux system, preferably Debian Woody, to
> run stably with 16GB RAM?  I have someone who has a Dual Xeon proc
> system with 8GM RAM (8 x 1GB ECC registered) running Debian Woody and
> Oracle 9i with no problems.  They would very much like to up this to
> 16GB (8 x 2GB ECC registered) but so far it crashes after 48 hours.
> I've poked around on Google and other lists but have not come across
> anything really promising.  Someone on another list did get a system
> with 12GB RAM running using RH AS, but if possible, I'd like to do this
> with Debian.  I'd imaging that if RH can do this then maybe there exist
> patches that will allow this.  Does anyone have any experience doing
> this?
> M's to FR?  Enlightening web sites or other docs?
> The memory and other subsystems have worked fine in other tests so those
> don't seem to be a problem.
> Regards.
Kourosh <kourosh1@earthlink.net>
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