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Tripwire False Reports

Hi everyone,

I'm running Tripwire 2.3.1 on a Red Hat 7.3 server.  I get reported
violations for ALL files on the server every night.  It appears our
backup software must be making some subtle modification to the files
which is enough for Tripwire to pick up.  Basically every time I
re-initialize the database the reports are clean until a backup runs at
which point I get a report saying everything has been modified.  This is
my test server for Tripwire so I need to know if this can be resolved or
if I should just scrap TW.

Anyone had similar problems to this?  Know anything that can be done?
I'm using the default Red Hat 7.3 Tripwire configuration with just the
binaries we don't have commented out in the policy file.

Thanks in advance,
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