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SUMMARY of SSH "failure" messages

Thanks to all who responded, especially to D. Stimits who pointed me in
the right direction.  It turns out that the "failures" only occur when
using the Windows SSH client from SSH (the personal use download
version).  The linux client from OpenSSH does not exhibit the "failure,"
and neither does Putty.  

The obvious answer is use a different client.


***Original post***
I'm seeing the following in my logs, but ssh appears to be working
normally from the remote end.  Just wondering why this is showing up and
what to do, if anything?

May  5 15:30:30 den2 sshd[21689]: channel 3: open failed: connect
failed: Channel open failed.

There are usually two such entries for each login.  There are no errors
visible at the remote end.
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