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SUMMARY UPDATE: RedHat for Sparc

Hi again !
Bertrand_Hutin@fr.ftsi.fujitsu.com gave me this link for Suse
Distribution for Sparc

thank you!
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Envoyi : mercredi 7 mai 2003 09:07
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Objet : SUMMARY : RedHat for Sparc

Thank you to all those who answered me
especially :

John Edwards
Richard Russell

J.Edwards gave me this links :

It's been discontinued after version 6.2 and is no longer supported. If
you really want something that old and like applying security

patchs yourself it's at:


There's a community project called Aurora that aims to continue porting

RedHat to Sparc (currently at finishing 8.0 I believe):

 <http://auroralinux.org/> http://auroralinux.org/

And finally good list of Sparc distributions is at:


The only distribution that has continuously supported Sparc well over

the part few years is Debian, others come and go or have a long delay

between Intel and Sparc releases.


thank you again

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