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Firewall Distro

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a distro with firewalling and server type capabilities.

Currently I have a heavily modified and customized Redhat 6.2 box which has
served me quite well for over 3 years now. However it lacks some features
and I seem to be unable to upgrade to a 2.4 kernel for iptables etc amongst
other things.

What I would like is something that can be setup through a web interface
including things like port forwarding etc.

Currently the box does the following functions:

Firewall (ipchains and kernel 2.2.20)
DNS (Bind)
Mail (SMTP and POP server)
Very light webserving (someone wants a big file etc)
very light FTP (ditto)
DHCP (for the internal network)
Webmail (via Webmin)
Port Forwarding (big customized TrinityOS script)
Traffic Shaping (once we reach our bandwidth limit)
DMZ (very very kludged to get Netmeeting to work but a lot of other stuff
No X server

Any suggestions? First option is to simply take RH9 and customize it to the
level of the current box. However I have used RH9 and I don't like the way
that Redhat customize things which then breaks programs (memory page mapping
has changed to be like the 2.5 kernel).

Smoothwall is quite nice but doesn't provide the server type (mail, ftp, dns
etc) features I want
Mandrake Multi Network Firewall I thought was crap and I really didn't like
their web interface.

I'd like to keep the firewall and server parts on the same box too, just to
keep the hardware simple as much as anything. Standard distros won't really
have the web interface part and from what I have seen firewall type distros
don't allow for mail, DNS etc.

I don't mind paying to some extent, but I am looking for something that is
relatively free.


Christian Hack
EDMI Product Development Division
Ph : +61 7 3881 6444
FAX : +61 7 3881 6420
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