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NIS - can't enumerate maps

I'm in the process of setting up NIS on two Red Hat 6.2 servers.  I've only 
ever done this once before and that was between a Mandrake 8.1 and a RedHat 
7.1 server.  I've gone through the NIS/NIS+ HOWTO but I always run in to a 
problem when I try to initialize my slave server. 

I've got the master server up and running.  The slave can connect to the 
master as a client and changes to the NIS maps on the master work on the 
client.  However when I try to initialize the slave server I get the 
following message: 

Can't enumerate maps from <servername removed for security reasons>. Please 
check that it is running. 

Now, since the server I'm trying to set up as a slave works fine as a 
client, the master server must be running.  I've looked at everything I can 
think of and the troubleshooting tips in the HOWTO don't even cover this in 
the slightest.  In fact, all the tests in the HOWTO generate the results 
they are supposed to indicating that the server should be working correctly. 

Anyone have any clues?  I'll post my config files if anyone needs them, but 
I'm sort of thinking this may not be related to them directly. 

Thanks in advance! 

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