Re: N900 consumes too much power

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Dne 7.8.2012 15:10, Patrick Vranckx napsal(a):


Don't know if it can help but I had a similar problem.  It was caused by a
bug related to auto-completion. My battery lasted only a few hours...

Have a look at this thread:
It worked for me.


BINGO, Patrick!

Thanks you a hundred thousand times, that was exactly my problem!
I already wanted to write about hildon-input-method crashing and consuming about 90-96% of CPU time.
Now you were faster than my thoughts ;-)
So is it all about broken autocompletion dictionaries? Doh!

Here is the solution from your link (for the conveniency of others falling into the same issue):
1) Run xterminal and "sudo gainroot"
2) "cd /home/user/.osso/"
3) "mv dictionaries olddics"
4) Restart your phone
How do they get broken? (I don't expect you to answer this question.)
/usr/bin/hildon-input-method is really the worst battery killer I have noticed.
I'm watching my battery using BatteryGraph continuously.
Now I'm going to bed to move my broken dictionaries out of the way ;-)
Maybe we should raise a bug:
  1. The dictionaries shouldn't get broken by autocompletion software itself.
  2. If the dictionaries get broken somehow, the hildon-input-method program should not crash or behave in such a buggy way that it consumes all available CPU time.
Should I raise the bug or is anyone here to take the initiative? Could you recommend me where to open it? Should this bug's fix be implemented by the CSSU team?

Many thanks for you all, guys! I'd be helpless without you. This is what I really love about open source communities 8-)

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