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On 03/18/2012 04:07 AM, ext Jan Knutar wrote:
On Wednesday 07 March 2012, Paul Hartman wrote:
A freshly-flashed N900 is so much faster and more responsive compared
to my N900 with all my favorite apps installed, mail accounts, MfE,
chat accounts, themes, status bar widgets, and so on. I'm guessing
these things all have a negative impact...

Has anyone done a study into the impact of these various things and
RAM usage? For example how much RAM can I spare if I don't use Modest
at all, or don't use chat accounts, etc. allowing me to weigh the
  cost vs. benefit of using these features.

IIRC, Skype when I used it seemed to be about 5-10Meg impact on RSS.

In general, I'd imagine having any QT widgets would add 10-20M use. Not
so sure myself, I stopped using widgets entirely, not enough ram for
luxuries :)

You can use sp-endurance to measure and visualize usage of all system resources.

I would recommend getting the latest version from here:

And the debian packaging from maemo-packaging branch and remove
the Harmattan specific "aegis" stuff from the debian/control file
before building the package.

The latest version has pretty nice graphing utilities.

Instructions on the use are here:

They're about the same as for N900:

Except for the new endurance_plot utility which generates the nice graphs with gnuplot.

	- Eero
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