Re: Reducing N900 RAM usage

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On Wednesday 07 March 2012, Paul Hartman wrote:
> Hi,
> A freshly-flashed N900 is so much faster and more responsive compared
> to my N900 with all my favorite apps installed, mail accounts, MfE,
> chat accounts, themes, status bar widgets, and so on. I'm guessing
> these things all have a negative impact...
> Has anyone done a study into the impact of these various things and
> RAM usage? For example how much RAM can I spare if I don't use Modest
> at all, or don't use chat accounts, etc. allowing me to weigh the
>  cost vs. benefit of using these features.

IIRC, Skype when I used it seemed to be about 5-10Meg impact on RSS.

In general, I'd imagine having any QT widgets would add 10-20M use. Not 
so sure myself, I stopped using widgets entirely, not enough ram for 
luxuries :)
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