Re: Troubles with Installation of Community SSU

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On 01/01/2012 16:02, Michael Rösch wrote:
Am 31.12.2011 21:46, schrieb Christophe Schockaert:
So, for each package, I can continue the installation but regarding each
package, the message means "package not installed". And, indeed, in the
end, when I "check for updates", it gives me the same list of 10
I think that is the main reason for the failure because these packages
are crucial for the CSSU-Scripts I think.

Have you disabled all other repositories as it is pointed out in the
Wiki? Conflicts can only occur when another repository suggestst
another/newer version of related packages.
Yeah, I got it to work !
Thank you for pointing me that.
In the wiki, it says: " Make sure you have no too weird catalog settings in Application manager, esp it's recommended you never disable the core Nokia SSU repositories."
So I didn't touch any of my default repository settings at the first time.

When I disabled the "Ovi" repository, the CSSU-script went for installation, as shown in a youtube video.
I didn't have that before !

As for the 10 packages that can't be updated, it's indeed the series referred in the wiki as: "There are a series of installations for which it will prompt you with messages and warnings. Click "Accept" and "Done" for each to install."

Actually, there is a conflict because the version of the package to install is the same as the one already installed.
For libqtm-bearer, e.g., we have:
- 1.0.2-maemo4+0m5+0cssu1 to install from the CSSU update
- 1.0.2-maemo4+0m5 already installed from Nokia repository

At the end, when the CSSU package gets installed, all 10 packages get updated along, no conflicts are left.

Thank you very much for your help...
Now, I will gladly discover my N900 :)

BTW, what does "HAND" mean as you wrote below ?


CU Michael

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