Re: Shutdown | reboot, when saving gnumeric file or claws-mail attachment (pk 48)

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2011/10/18 Jan Knutar <jknutar@xxxxxx>
On Friday 14 October 2011, Schoap D wrote:
> Hi,
> Weird behavior here with my n900. When I try to save a file in
>  Gnumeric, it reboots. Same for saving an attachment in claws-mail.
> I am using a power kernel, but when it says that he didn't load my
>  custom kernel settings, I still have this behavior.
> Any idea what's going on here?

My guesses: filesystem corruption (overclocked much?), or out of free

The first is easiest and quickiest fixed by a full reflash, though only do
that if you have backups first.

Thanks for your reply. It looks like kernel-power 48 is causing the problems. I don't see this behavior with the stock kernel.

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