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Program does not run in Windows 7, brings up security box, loads another console window for a second and closes, totally broken there. Will try vmware of ubuntu. Not very promising really, I have to flash it for my girlfriend because she'd have no clue doing this. 

On 23/08/2011, at 2:41 AM, Graham Cobb wrote:

> On Monday 22 August 2011 16:04:59 Dan Rossi wrote:
>> sudo flasher -F ARM.bin -f -R
>> flasher 3.11.5 (May 17 2011) Harmattan
>> USB device found at bus 253, device address 4.
>> Device serial number is
>> Sending request 0x01 failed: Operation timed out
>> NOLO_REQ_GET_STATUS: Operation timed out
>> ERROR: Device status query failed
> The USB connectivity can be pretty unreliable.  Some suggestions:
> Unplug all other USB stuff, and plug the N900 cable directly into the PC, 
> without a hub in the way.
> If you are using windows (I know you aren't from your command line, but...), 
> reboot (without the N900 connected), and try the process again.
> If you can,  try a different PC -- the reliability is very different on my 
> different PCs.
> If you can, try a different OS (windows vs. linux).
> Try slight differences in the process (which order you plug things in, when you 
> start flasher, etc).
> Persevere -- in my experience you will get it to work eventually.
> Graham
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