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On Monday 22 August 2011 16:04:59 Dan Rossi wrote:
> sudo flasher -F ARM.bin -f -R
> flasher 3.11.5 (May 17 2011) Harmattan
> USB device found at bus 253, device address 4.
> Device serial number is
> Sending request 0x01 failed: Operation timed out
> NOLO_REQ_GET_STATUS: Operation timed out
> ERROR: Device status query failed

The USB connectivity can be pretty unreliable.  Some suggestions:

Unplug all other USB stuff, and plug the N900 cable directly into the PC, 
without a hub in the way.

If you are using windows (I know you aren't from your command line, but...), 
reboot (without the N900 connected), and try the process again.

If you can,  try a different PC -- the reliability is very different on my 
different PCs.

If you can, try a different OS (windows vs. linux).

Try slight differences in the process (which order you plug things in, when you 
start flasher, etc).

Persevere -- in my experience you will get it to work eventually.

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