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I am Jarkko Palokangas and I'm writing my Master's thesis about Think-Aloud usability tests in remote environment. I use gPodder for Nokia N900 as a case study and now I need some participants for usability tests. I've already had some testers but I still need few more and hope I could find some here.

I'm looking for people to take part in Think aloud usability test which is conducted completely online.
Requirements for users is that they got Nokia N900 device and internet connection. Tests are conducted in English. It is also desirable that the user has no or very little earlier experience about gPodder application.

User's task is to go through test cases and speak aloud all their feelings and thoughts at the same time.
Audio recording and screenshots are collected from the test case by using remota-application developed especially for this test. The software that is tested is gPodder ( which is an application for downloading and managing podcasts.
Audio recording and screenshots are sent to me and I'll create videos where screenshots are shown and audio recording is played on background. These videos are then uploaded into youtube where developers can analyze usability issues from them and comment the videos. User's name or nickname is not shown on videos and it is known only by me. 

This test has about 10 tasks and it should take only about 20-60min to complete the whole test.

If you are interested in taking part in this test or if you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to contact me and I give you more detailed instructions for tests. You can contact me with email: remotatest@xxxxxxxxx

Thank you!
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