Re: PR1.3 OTA update - overriding Nokia PC Suite prompt

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ext Dawid Lorenz <dawid@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Case is now closed. Turned out finding out conflicting packages was as simple
> as tapping "Details" button in Maemo5 update in App Manager.

Ok!  Another way to investigate this is to install the OS meta package
with apt-get:

     apt-get install mp-fremantle-203-pr

This might be able to resolve the conflicts automatically, and it will
at least give you more hints.

The following might be outdated, but it used to be true at some point:

Apt-get dist-upgrade is a bit dangerous since we do not have a well
maintained base system in Maemo: For example, if there is a package
marked "Essential" in a repository, apt-get dist-upgrade will install
it, but that "Essential" flag is probably just inherited by accident
from Debian.  This happens when you enable the SDK repo for example,
which contains the essential coreutils.
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