Transport support in LVS

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I am new to LVS and wanted to understand its transport-level support. Am using RHEL 6.2 (kernel 2.6.32-220) and had couple of questions on it:
Did not find support for SCTP as a LVS transport protocol (no ip_vs_protocol). But LVS website mentions about SCTP support in ipvsadm-1.26. 
Am I missing something, was SCTP supported in older kernel release?

Other question is whether LVS supports load-balancing of IPSEC-packet (for ESP in transport mode with authentication and encryption enabled).  
My understanding:  ip_vs_in() is hooked to NF_INET_LOCAL_IN. But, ip_local_deliver() calls NF_INET_LOCAL_IN before decryption (esp_input). 
So, IPSEC with encryption enabled should not be load-balanced unless there is a repeat call to ip_local_deliver() after decryption.
My knowledge on xfrm framework and IPSEC is not good, so I may be missing something.

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