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we have a problem with hiding/deactivating a stacked volume group during startup.

System is a Ubuntu 10.4.4 LTS (NAS).
lvm2: 2.02.54-1ubuntu4.1ppa5

backup-all                  data      -wi-ao   3.00t                                     
fileserver-forBackup        data      -wi-ao  50.00g                     
kvm_disk0                   data      -wi-ao 400.00g                                     
vm-203-disk-1               kvm_disk0 -wi-ao-  28.01g 

kvm_disk0 is used as device for iscsitarget.

The iscsiinitiator created a new volume group (kvm_disk0) on the blockdevice and new virtual disks (vm-203-disk-1).

Our problem is, that the iscsitarget host found not only the VG "data" during system startup but also the other VG (kvm_disk0) and activate it.
So DRBD can't get exclusive access to the LV kvm_disk0.

We try to filter in lvm.conf, but after startup, the VG kvm_disk0 is allways activated.

Thank you for help.


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