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On Sun, Jun 03, 2012 at 04:47:54AM -0400, Jean Delvare wrote:
> On Sun, 3 Jun 2012 09:12:33 +0200, clement clem wrote:
> > The chip-Nuvoton W83677HG i totally works with Kernel (Ubuntu
> > 10.10)?
> Not out of the box. See :
> W83677HG support was added in kernel 2.6.39. That being said you can
> always use a manually built standalone driver.
Or use Ubuntu 12.04 instead. 10.04 is getting old, and 10.10 is no longer supported.

> Also note that the fact that the chipset is supported is not a
> guarantee that things will work. There is always the possibility that
> the vendor did not use the monitoring features, or not all of them, or
> that the ACPI BIOS takes control of the chip.
Intel doesn't use ACPI. There is a chance, though, that they control
the fans through their own chipset and MEI. And we don't have a hwmon driver
for MEI. The board's technical specification should tell, though.

On the plus side, the Intel boards have the Nuvoton chips well programmed,
much better than all the others I have seen.

> > Do you have information on the chip card mini ITX:
> >   ASRock B75M-ITX

This one may use ACPI, and also use the GPIO based fan multiplexer.

> >   MSI E35-H61I
> > Gigabyte GA-H61N
> No we don't.
> > These smart you are monitoring it completely taken over by Lm-Sensors certain
> > person we make test?
> I don't understand your question, sorry.
Me not either.


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