[PATCH] x25: bit and/or confusion in x25_ioctl()?

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Looking at commit ebc3f64b864f it appears that this was intended
and not the original, equivalent to `if (facilities.reverse & ~0x81)'.

In x25_parse_facilities() that patch changed how facilities->reverse
was set. No other bits were set than 0x80 and/or 0x01.

Signed-off-by: Roel Kluin <roel.kluin@xxxxxxxxx>
This is correct isn't it?

diff --git a/net/x25/af_x25.c b/net/x25/af_x25.c
index 7fa9c7a..ca4dc28 100644
--- a/net/x25/af_x25.c
+++ b/net/x25/af_x25.c
@@ -1363,7 +1363,7 @@ static int x25_ioctl(struct socket *sock, unsigned int cmd, unsigned long arg)
 			    facilities.throughput > 0xDD)
 			if (facilities.reverse &&
-				(facilities.reverse | 0x81)!= 0x81)
+				(facilities.reverse & 0x81) != 0x81)
 			x25->facilities = facilities;
 			rc = 0;
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