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Re: [PATCH] cfg80211: VHT (11ac) Regulatory change

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On Tue, 2012-08-21 at 23:37 +0530, Mahesh Palivela wrote:

> > I think the question really is whether or not we actually need the
> > flags. Sometimes, but very rarely really, we need to answer the question
> >
> >          Is this set of parameters allowed with the current regulatory
> >          rules?
> >
> > There's nothing that says this needs to be a flag. It could just as well
> > be a function
> >
> > bool regulatory_chan_use_permitted(...);
> >
> > where the ... gives all the necessary parameters or maybe some structure
> > holding all these.
> >
> > If this was a function, it could go back to the regulatory definitions
> > (that we hopefully keep track of in the kernel) and actually use the
> > algorithm that today we use to determine the flags to determine the
> > answer.
> >
> > Today, with the flags, we basically pre-determine the answers to all
> > possible such questions, and encode the answers in the flags for each
> > channel. If we don't pre-determine the answers, then we can get away
> > without any flags at all.
> >
> > Does that make sense?
> >
> Yes it does. Basically we want to retire look up table approach and 
> compute everytime as its not scalable. Fine. In that case, even we need 
> to cover HT20, HT40-, HT40+ as well right?

I think we should, yeah. Might even just start with that to make the

> > Still doesn't solve the problems we saw with how to configure the
> > channel with considerations such as
> >    - bandwidth
> >    - center frequency
> >    - primary subchannel
> >    - 80 + 80 (which is basically two such channels?)
> >
> Yes It does. From center freq, width, control chan offset we know the 
> secondary chans. That's all we want. For 80+80 configuration, we will 
> get two center freq values.

Yeah but we don't have that yet. We could do it that way, sure, but it
has wide-spread implications, since we'll need to
 - use this new form of specifying channels all over mac80211 and all
 - define new nl80211 attributes for it,
 - write new code in nl80211 to handle all this,
 - and parse the old attributes into the new data structure(s) so
   drivers use the new API but userspace can continue to use the old

None of that is done yet.


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