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Re: AR9330 hornet board stops beaconing after a few days (0xdeadbeef)

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Hi Simon,

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 3:34 AM, Simon Wunderlich
<simon.wunderlich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> just to bump again - isn't there anyone who can give us some hint or
> clue regarding these 0xdeadbeef entries in the registers? Couldn't find
> a connection to other reports deadbeef on the mailing list so far.

based on the suggestion from Felix Bitterli he says the deadbeef is
due to clocks
of MAC/baseband is off. Adrian says dumping RTC registers might
provide some clue

today evening i would just take a look at some h/w specific changes
that were still yet to be in ath9k.

> Thanks!
>         Simon
> On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 06:53:40PM +0200, Simon Wunderlich wrote:
>> Hello ath9k fellows,
>> I'm using a pretty new AR9330 rev1/hornet based AP at home. After some
>> days (5 days this time), it suddenly stops beaconing. dmesg shows nothing,
>> hostapd is still running, but what I can see is:
>> cat /sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phy0/ath9k/regdump
>> 0x000000 0xdeadbeef
>> 0x000004 0xdeadbeef
>> 0x000008 0xdeadbeef
>> 0x00000c 0xdeadbeef
>> 0x000010 0xdeadbeef
>> 0x000014 0xdeadbeef
>> [...]
>> 0x001ff4 0xdeadbeef
>> 0x001ff8 0xdeadbeef
>> 0x001ffc 0xdeadbeef
>> 0x002000 0xbadc0ffe
>> 0x002004 0xbadc0ffe
>> 0x002008 0xbadc0ffe
>> 0x00200c 0xbadc0ffe
>> 0x002010 0xbadc0ffe
>> [...]
>> 0x003ff0 0xbadc0ffe
>> 0x003ff4 0xbadc0ffe
>> 0x003ff8 0xbadc0ffe
>> 0x003ffc 0xbadc0ffe
>> 0x004000 0x00000000
>> 0x004004 0x0102420b
>> 0x004008 0x00000000
>> 0x00400c 0x00000000
>> [...] (some more sane looking registers here, and then zeros)
>> 0x004ef8 0x00000000
>> 0x004efc 0x00000000
>> 0x004f00 0xdeadbeef
>> 0x004f04 0xdeadbeef
>> 0x004f08 0xdeadbeef
>> [...] (and the rest is mostly deadbeef)
>> Also /sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phy0/ath9k/dma shows a lot of deadbeef.
>> I'm using OpenWRT r31729, a single AP bridged with Ethernet. It is normal
>> home usage, i.e. a few laptops and android phones doing not so much traffic.
>> The box stops working out of the blue after a few days without any outside
>> event (at least none I'm aware of). Sometimes this problem does not occur for
>> 2 weeks, sometimes after 12 hours, I couldn't find an easy way to reproduce it
>> yet. As said, the box is perfectly reachable via SSH, no errors in syslog or
>> anywhere else. Also an ifconfig wlan0 down and up seems to fix the problem.
>> I'll try a new firmware with more debugging turned on, but have any of you
>> seen this problem? Any input would be very much appreciated. I have a complete
>> /sys/kernel/debug log from a working and a non-working system, along with
>> more info (brctl, ip config, etc) which I'd love to share with anyone interested
>> - it's too much to post on a public ml.
>> Thank you very much
>> Cheers,
>>       Simon
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