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Re: Missing firmware iwlwifi-2030-5.ucode

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On 08/20/2012 05:45 AM, Johannes Berg wrote:


Unfortunately, I can't just release this firmware, it was mostly
internal experimental builds, we released the -6 version later. However,
as Thomas pointed out, it should be possible to backport some patches to
make the driver in 3.1.9 work with the device, that simply wasn't a
concern for us and it's not entirely clear to me that such patches are
candidates for stable.

The openSUSE user has gotten his system working by installing the compat-wireless package. I do not know if he could patch and compile his own kernel, and I don't have that device in my collection, thus I would be unable to test any such changes.

I'm still concerned about the bigger picture. I can understand that the -5 version was experimental, but why was a driver released that needed a firmware version that could never be obtained? If any driver version needs a particular firmware, the fw must be available as long as anyone might be using that driver. To me, that means forever.


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