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Re: [PATCH v2 08/12] ath9k: fix aggregate size limit based on queue TXOP limit

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On 2012-07-16 8:28 PM, Sujith Manoharan wrote:
> Felix Fietkau wrote:
>> The standard does not say anything specifically about A-MPDU, but it
>> does say this:
>> When the TXOP limit is nonzero, a STA shall fragment an individually
>> addressed MSDU so that the transmission of the first MPDU of the TXOP
>> does not cause the TXOP limit to be exceeded at the PHY rate selected
>> for the initial transmission attempt of that MPDU. The TXOP limit may be
>> exceeded, when using a lower PHY rate than selected for the initial
>> transmission attempt of the first MPDU, for a retransmission of an MPDU,
>> for the initial transmission of an MPDU if any previous MPDU in the
>> current MSDU has been retransmitted, or for group addressed MSDUs. When
>> the TXOP limit is exceeded due to the retransmission of an MPDU at a
>> reduced PHY rate, the STA shall not transmit more than one MPDU in the TXOP.
> Um, am not sure how this passage relates to number of subframe calculation in an
> aggregate ?
The way I understand this, the TXOP limit is meant to limit the duration
of a single transmission on the channel. An aggregate is transmitted in
one go, there's no SIFS or extra PHY headers inbetween, just short
delimiters. So an A-MPDU should be treated pretty much like an MPDU
here, its transmission duration should not exceed the TXOP limit.

- Felix
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