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[RFC] multi-channel work

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Hi Johannes,

I've done another patchset aimed at multi-channel operation. This one
is mostly cfg80211 related.

The patchset clarifies channel handling by cfg80211. As I understand
we want to treat monitor interface as a special case. Monitor
interface can be used as a passive way to sniff data on other
interfaces. Monitor may have a channel set - this should be only
possible when there are no other interfaces running. Otherwise we
can't easily do channels accounting (with regard to interface
combinations). In other words the virtual monitor interface concept is
copied from mac80211 to cfg80211 itself making the whole thing more
consitent in my opinion.

The patchset also introduces num_different_channel checks. It hasn't
been thoroughly tested yet.

This work is based upon your patches on channel API changes.

Pozdrawiam / Best regards,
Michal Kazior.

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